Sensitive Bee Soap Mini

'Sensitive Bee' Honey Soap - Sample / Travel Size *FREE POSTAGE*

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Perfect for trying out our brand new Sensitive Bee Honey Soap or just convenient for travelling, our sample size soap is just the thing!

For the most sensitive of skins – from youngsters to those with sensitive skin or who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema - our 'Sensitive Bee' honey soap is completely free of fragrance or essential oils to provide a gentle cleanser, containing soothing honey and nourishing coconut oil to moistens skin without causing irritation.

It also contains beeswax, olive oil, sunflower and castor oils.

WHAT OUR TESTERS SAID: “My son has bee using the sensitive bee soap because he suffers with psoriasis.  He said he really loves the soap and has helped his condition.  It didn't aggravate his skin so it's a thumbs up from him

"It lathered up lovely and was not drying on my recent sunburn, it felt like I was being kind to my skin using it so it is definitely a thumbs up"

"The texture is really gentle and easy to clean.  It did improve eczema and reduce redness" 

Around 25g and wrapped in fully compostable and recycled grease proof paper. Please note that as our soaps are hand cut the weight between bars can vary slightly.  

Ingredients: Sodium Cocate, Sodium Oliviate, Sodium Sunflower Seedate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Beeswax, Honey (Mel)