Flowery Bee Shampoo Bar
'Flowery Bee' Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

'Flowery Bee' Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

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After the success of our 'Shiny Bee' Shampoo Bar we have gone on to develop our 'Flowery Bee Shampoo & Conditioning Bar' with rose geranium & grapefruit for hair that tends to be dry.

Soap style shampoo Bars do not suit everyone.  If you have not yet tried a 'soap' shampoo bar we would strongly recommend that you start with our sample bar to see if it suits your hair.  For more information please click HERE.

If you still struggle with 'soap-style' shampoo bars have a look at our non soap style alternatives HERE.

Our 'Flowery Bee' Shampoo & Conditioning Bar has been through a thorough testing by our lovely GroupBees!  Scroll down to see what they had to say......

As with our first shampoo we are super proud to be able to offer a zero waste solution for hair washing which is 100% natural and will work in harmony with your hair and scalp.

We have carefully designed and developed this product to give maximum moisturisation, hydration and condition to the hair and scalp leaving it soothed, conditioned and full of volume.

With a careful blend of moisture rich oils of argan, castor and shea along with pure essential oils of rose geranium and grapefruit for a beautiful soothing aroma to hydrate and gently awake your senses, your hair will be naturally cleaned without interfering with your natural oil production leading to softer, cleaner hair which should become much cleaner hair between washes. 

The success of a natural shampoo bar will often depend on your hair type, length, condition, porousness, water type (hard of soft) and whether you have residue build up from silicone shampoos & styling products.  It can also depend on the method of use for the bar, whether enough of the product has been used, whether a lather has been created and whether there is adequate rinsing to avoid residue being left on the hair.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY DO NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE.

You do have to work a little harder with a shampoo bar to get the best results but when it works, it means that you no longer have to use plastics for the containers or in the ingredients, your hair is soft and shiny, you are unlikely to need a conditioner and you usually have to wash less often with much less grease build up between washes!

We would recommend following the directions for use: 

1.  Firstly ensure you give your hair a thorough brushing beforehand, This gets rid of any dust, grime and loose hairs so that the shampoo can work more effectively.

2. Thoroughly wet your hair with fairly warm water (cool water will not cleanse the hair effectively) before rubbing the shampoo bar through your wet hands to start the lather and apply through the hair to the scalp. It would be beneficial to rub the bar through at this stage. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES AS CAN IRRITATE.  If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

3.  Add a little water and gently massage the scalp with the pads of your finger tips in small firm circular motions. This will help to create a lather and to remove any dirt, grime and debris from the scalp. It is important not to ‘scrub’ the hair and scalp as this will only cause your hair to be damaged and tangle the hair. Massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp, leading to healthier stronger new hair growth.  By regularly cleaning the scalp you are removing the old dirty oil and promoting new clean sebum which will protect your scalp and hair, encouraging it to remain healthy. 

4.  Next it is time to rinse. But before rinsing it all away, add some more water and massage gently to emulsify the shampoo product, which loosens it and it is then able to be rinsed away more easily. This is an important point especially if you have previously felt residue left in it.  Do not worry if you don’t get a good lather to start with, it means the shampoo is being diluted by, and working hard to remove, the oil/dirt and any build of previous products used.  

5.  In most cases you need to shampoo a second time. The first shampoo removes any debris or product from the hair, the second shampoo actually cleanses the hair, so again lather the bar and apply to your scalp, adding a little water. You will find it lathers more easily, massage your scalp and run the lather through your hair to the ends, this will gently cleanse and freshen the rest of the hair.

6.  Add more water, emulsifying gently before finally rinsing away all traces of the shampoo. Rinsing thoroughly is a very important step, as any product left in the hair will cause it to be lank, look, and feel greasy and be difficult to style effectively.

7.  When you rinse your hair it is likely to feel very squeaky as if it needs to be conditioned.  This is because hair has a pH level of around 4.5 - 5 whereas the shampoo bars have a pH of around 9  causing the cuticles of your hair to open.  This allows moisture from the naturals oils to enter the hair.  If your final rinse is with cool water this will help to close the cuticles again making the hair less likely to tangle.  When the hair is dry the cuticles will re-close and your hair should be soft and shiny.

8. If you find that your hair is still tangly or if a residue is left on your hair, and the above technique is not helping, then you can use a vinegar or lemon rinse  after rinsing the shampoo lather.  This will re-close your cuticles as both vinegar and lemon have a very low pH.  Simply dilute with 3 parts water, pour over the hair after rinsing the shampoo lather, let sit for a couple of  minutes then rinse out.

To read more about why sulphates are not so good for your hair & scalp have a look at our blog HERE.

Initially it may you take a little longer to shampoo your hair than you are used to while following these steps, but it is worth persevering with it in order to get the best results out of your Shampoo bar. 

If you have hard water consider fitting a filter to your shower head to prevent mineral build up on your hair.

If you have been using chemical SLS style shampoos, your hair and scalp may need to go through a detox to remove the layers of plastics on the hair surface and to allow your scalp to settle into a regulated pattern of oil production.  This may last for a week or up to a month.  Be patient.  After repeated use you may find that you no longer need to wash your hair so regularly and/or that you no longer need conditioner.  The SLS (the foaming agent) in chemical shampoos dries/damages making conditioner necessary.

See what our testers thought.....

'It lathered well.  After rinsing it felt smooth and fluffy and after drying it was very shiny and light. This is my favourite bar so far and is my favourite smell and I love, love, love the results!!'

'I'm loving all my products.  I used the Flowery Bee shampoo/conditioner and my hair felt so clean and silky.  So pleased I've bought one for my son too x'

'The shampoo bar lathered well and was easy to use.  My hair felt de-tangled, smooth & squeaky after rinsing.  After drying my hair felt smooth, shiny and light and my scalp was soothed.  I love the smell of this one.'

If you have any questions about your hair just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Please note even though the ingredients in this product are all natural, some skins can react to natural ingredients, so it is advisable to test the product first on your inner wrist/arm to check compatibility with your skin before use.

When using this product avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

If you would like a natural sisal shampoo bag to store your shampoo in between use or for travel CLICK HERE for more details.

95g bar wrapped in greaseproof paper 

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Arganate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Beeswax, Honey (Mel), Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens Oil), Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil (Allergens: Limonene, Citronellol, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral)